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What are the different types of IT certification?

There are some categories of computer certifications. Some certifications show that a person knows how general computer hardware and operating systems work and how to make them work. Other certifications concern software and hardware designed by a manufacturer of specific technologies and is supported by a private body rather than a neutral body. Another type of IT certification concerns attitudes in different types of web design technology. Finally, there are also IT certifications relating to network technologies, the maintenance of cyber security and the fight against cybercrime.

Some computer certifications relate to the maintenance and repair of hardware and software. While there are also certifications for specific hardware manufacturers, a highly recognized IT certification that is recognized by many organizations is the CompTIA A + certification. This certification focuses on fundamental knowledge of personal computer hardware. The overall goal of computer certification is to demonstrate that the certified technician understands the personal computer hardware, how to identify problems with it and how to fix it. This certification also demonstrates general knowledge of widely used computer operating systems and how to configure and test them.

Sometimes an IT certification will be specific to the supplier, in the sense that it refers directly to one or more technologies developed and managed by a specific commercial or non-commercial entity. For example, Apple Inc. has a wide range of computer certifications, some of which relate to the demonstration of competence with the selections of its software, while others concern the execution of maintenance on its own unique hardware. In addition, a computer network company called Cisco Systems supports a number of computer certifications related to their many network technologies, such as voice communications and security infrastructure. Although there are also generalized IT certifications for categories such as computer and network maintenance,

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