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computer service technician salary 2020

A specialist with at least three years of experience, who knows the principles of networking and has the skills to repair and maintain computer equipment, can be on request in a technical center and can earn about 30 thousand rubles. More experienced specialists can work as system administrators if they know how to establish a local network, have initial knowledge of databases and programming languages. Such specialists are offered salaries of 45 thousand or more.
Advantages of the profession: high salaries; relatively high demand for specialists; sometimes you can get a job without higher education; predominantly a creative profession.
Disadvantages of the profession: you have to explain the same thing often and a lot, because what is clear and obvious to the programmer is not always clear and obvious to the user; work in an emergency (sometimes) in a stressful situation ; the profession leaves a specific imprint on the character, which not everyone around him likes.
Information systems have flooded the modern world. They are in almost every field: condition. institutions, banks, factories, airports, etc. Therefore, today specialists are required to serve such systems.
Consider the level of income of information systems specialists, which is the salary of a technician from different places.
computer service technician salary
On average, in Russia, IT technicians have a salary in the range of 20,000-75,000 rubles ... per month.
Inexperienced trainees can expect a salary of 7,000 rubles.
Masters with more than 3 years of experience in big cities receive 110,000 rubles ... and more.
For the technicians responsible for ensuring the information security of automated systems, the average salary in the country is 45,000 RUB
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