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Computer servicing procedure

Describe the problem as accurately as possible and take the reverse. It says what was handed over, in what condition, a description of the problem and what needs to be done. Make sure the phone number is entered correctly! Ask for a payment method. The service is usually not paid in advance, but only after the work is done.

The computer runs as soon as it's your turn. Do not call the service unnecessarily, because the computers are running in the order in which they arrived. If a computer is urgently needed, ask at the reception to pay extra for an emergency start , which is usually done immediately.

servicing computers

If you need computer diagnostics , you will receive a report on what needs to be done and what the price of the services would be. Computer service is performed only with the approval of the user. If the user cancels the service because it does not pay off, the diagnostics are usually paid for. You can get an offer to buy your computer if the repair doesn't pay off.

Fast computer repair in serviceThe service solves minor problems on the same or the next day , and various repairs in 1-3 days. The authorized service waits for the same thing for about 15-30 days. The quality of services in the authorized service is very debatable because the employees often change, young and inexperienced people come. Their advantage is that they have original parts. Other well-known services generally work better, but have replacement parts that are of slightly lower quality than the original ones. In general, the quality of spare parts is very good and there is no point in waiting in an authorized service for a month and paying twice as much for the same thing.

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