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What Does a Software Architect Do? What Do Software Architecture's Task Responsibilities Cover?

The tasks of software architects whose responsibilities are wide and difficult can be listed as follows:

  • Selecting the technologies to be used in the project,
  • Selecting ready-to-speed controls and following them,
  • Using the framework,
  • Making recommendations in project methodology and processes,
  • Choosing methodology or process such as RUP, XP and MSF,
  • Choosing quality standards such as AQAP, ISO and CMM,
  • Using development techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Domain Driven Development (DDD) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA),
  • Creating and maintaining the overall design structure of the applications,
  • To evaluate the appropriate ones in project parameters such as quality, technique, time and scope,
  • To check whether the project is at a sufficient level,
  • Documenting the application design,
  • Testing and approving coding practices and standards,
  • Guiding programmers in difficult techniques and tasks,
  • Assisting the project manager with project benefits and costs,
  • Assisting management in recruitment and technical personnel selection

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