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Is Immune Safe? The Check Point

Is the Immuni app safe? The question is and must remain lawful because this is a fundamental requirement on which the bar must not be lowered even in the months to come. However, the role of this app is not that of any app: it is part of a strategy to contain contagions in the midst of a pandemic, therefore it is necessary to balance all needs by making sure that Immuni is not a risk (obviously) while remaining an opportunity.
While the first three positives were reported by officially launching the project, the judgment of a cybersecurity solution provider is therefore important, especially where the technical judgment is not simple for a complex and advanced system such as that of contact tracing.
Is Immune Safe? Check Point
David Gubiani , Check Point's SE EMEA Southern Regional Director, holds any final judgment pending precisely in light of the necessary precautions that must be taken against such delicate experiments. His group points the finger at a whole series of risks that could also arise in the future, looking more generally at how the app could be adopted by people. It is therefore necessary to distinguish the various considerations, from which a consideration as evident as it is now "obvious" will be evident: the weak point lies in the human element.
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