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The Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS) 5400 series announced today is a branch NFV-only platform with acceleration and encryption chipsets and additional LAN/WAN interfaces based on the x86 architecture to support NFV. We plan to accelerate the adoption of enterprise NFV by domestic customers by expanding the range of choices so that we can select the optimal platform in consideration of the current status of WAN equipment and plans to introduce NFV in the future.

In addition, the newly launched'Cisco Secure Agile Exchange' solution with Virtualizing the Network Perimeter technology virtualizes the DMZ area itself, which customers have been operating as part of their own network, and externals such as IDC. By moving to the co-location center, it is possible to provide optimal network services not only for internal applications, but also for applications provided through Internet-based SaaS or IaaS. SAE enables companies to deliver virtualized network services on demand to customers, employees and external business partners.

With Cisco DNA, companies can use the network as an intelligent platform to quickly detect cybersecurity threats and automatically respond to deter them.

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides visibility and control over users and devices on the network. In this release of ISE 2.2, it detects anomalous behavior and can see the application on the endpoint, providing more in-depth visibility. In addition, it is possible to define security policies as a set of security policies based on'DEFCON (dangerous risk phase)', so that a predefined security policy set can be quickly applied to all networks in emergency situations.

Cisco TrustSec supports software-based network separation, limiting and isolating threats from moving over the network. By using software-based network separation, the security policy can be changed 98% faster than the existing hardware network separation environment, and the operation and management effort can be reduced by 80% or more. Trustsec 6.1 is now available across the Cisco Enterprise Networking portfolio and works with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

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