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How to get into the cybersecurity realm and become a hacker?

Basic knowledge of IT is required to work in the field of information security. The good news is that you don't have to have a specialized education to do this. Studying at a university in a specialty does not guarantee that a person will immediately be able to work in a profession - there is too little practice.

According to Rosstat, only 37 percent of Russian graduates work in their specialty. Therefore, for a start, ordinary technical education and specialized narrow-profile training in an IT school are enough.

You can get basic knowledge in an IT school in 6-12 months, studying without prejudice to your main job. An advanced course with a narrow specialization will take another 6-8 months. The average cost of a basic course on the market is from 180,000 rubles for 12 months. Advanced - from 100,000 rubles for 8 months. Those. 10-18 thousand rubles a month.

What a novice hacker needs to know and be able to do
know the basics of programming
easily pass mathematical and logical tests, for example, TalentQ
think critically
to be attentive
have experience in Windows and Active Directory administration
have basic knowledge of Linux, networking, IP addressing, static routing
be able to configure anti-tamper systems based on Windows, antivirus systems, Apache 2, nginx, Auditd, MySQL

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