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How are the relations of intellectual property on architectural objects regulated?

The objects of copyright are, in particular, works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art, plans, drawings, plastic works, illustrations, maps and sketches related to architecture. Building codes are not subject to copyright. The rights to an object arise from the moment of its creation and belong to the author (co-authors) - the person (persons), whose creative work (which) created these objects. Persons who are not engaged in creative work, but carry out organizational work, provide information collection, provide advice, control the design are not considered authors and do not acquire copyright.

what does a solutions architect do

Works of architecture, urban planning are created, usually within the employment relationship or to order. In the first case, the contract for the creation of the work is concluded with the customer by the person who hired the architect, in the other - the architect himself. An essential condition of the agreement on the creation of a work of urban planning is the legal regime of exercising property rights to urban planning documentation for spatial planning after its transfer to the customer.

An employment contract or an agreement with an employee may stipulate that property rights are retained by the employee or belong entirely to the employer - at the discretion of the parties. 

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