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Benefits of Cisco Networking Equipment

ASA. The optimal solution for small business companies, branches and enterprises. The Cisco ASA Firewall provides up to 15 Gbps throughput (ITU). When monitoring and identifying threats, ASA equipment with FirePower services provides bandwidth up to 30 Gb / s;
2100. Equipment for data centers. The bandwidth is 1.9-8.5 Gbps. Supports up to 24 ports (1 GE or up to 16 10 GE ports). All 4 models of the series are made in 1 RU standard size;
4100. Series of equipment for high performance environments. Up to 60 Gbps throughput depending on firewall model. A single (unified) management interface with automatic event prioritization for better control and protection from dangerous software;
9000. A series designed specifically for telecom operators. Scalable platform with carrier-grade performance - 1.2 Tbps. Providing up to 500 thousand new connections per second. Support for open programmable networks.
Benefits of Cisco Networking Equipment
The main advantages of Cisco firewalls include:
A wide choice for organizations and enterprises of all levels. From low-cost solutions for small businesses to carrier-grade options with maximum performance;
Compact dimensions. Functionality and performance are combined with the compact size of the equipment in a 1 RU form factor;
Maximum network security. AVC services, NGIPS, URL filtering, protection against ddos ​​attacks with modern analytics systems.
To clarify the characteristics of the equipment of the ASA series or other models, consult with UNIX IT specialists regarding the choice of a software and hardware complex and purchase firewalls, you can leave a request on our website or call the specified phone number.
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