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Computer Maintenance Technician -career path

All things considered, 18 months. The course exercises are outfitted towards pragmatic exercises. This from the earliest starting point of the course (get together of changes) as far as possible (advancement of frameworks). The subjects that make up the educational program are: 

Frameworks improvement 

Information base; 

Programming rationale; 

Operational frameworks; 

PC Architecture; 

PC arrange; 

PC support. 

Positive and negative focuses 

Know the negative and positive purposes of being a PC expert: 

Negatives: Although there is a specialized course, there is extraordinary rivalry that doesn't have any professionalization; 

Positives: Large proposal of opening, execution in a few areas and the likelihood to act self-governingly. 

PC expert compensation 

The compensation for PC experts differs as indicated by the experience and size of the organization. In a little organization, the compensation can shift between R $ 1,154.39 and R $ 2,019.03, in a normal organization between R $ 1,385.27 and R $ 2,422.84. For an enormous organization, the compensation can be between R $ 1,662.32 and R $ 2,907.41.

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