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Tools that every computer technician must have

During your adventure in computer repair you will come across tasks that require specific tools to be carried out successfully, let's see some of them:

Antistatic wristband
Its use is highly recommended when you have to disassemble or work with the internal parts of a computer, it will help you greatly with any static problems that may arise and prevent possible damage. Some adventurers prefer not to use it and take other security measures.

They are definitely basic and essential to use, not just any spatula or cutlery will be able to serve you. Although today there are cabinets that do not require a screwdriver, in the rest of the internal elements of the computer they are practically mandatory.

The ideal is to have screwdrivers with a variety of bits, if you have one that is with interchangeable bits the case becomes more comfortable and practical.
Cutting pliers
If you need to cut or strip cables, they will be very useful. Furthermore, they are perfectly designed for such use since they have an insulating handle. It is recommended to have a variety of tweezers, for example, pointed tweezers.

Having adequate lamps that allow a better visualization of the elements you review will be very useful. In your repair area you should have a lamp, but it is also recommended to have a laptop for when you have to check equipment outside the workshop.

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