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Downloadable Content To Make Your Website More Engaging

The main goal for any business website is to interact with customers and encourage sales. Other goals for the website can include branding, as well as functioning as an information resource for customers.

One way to achieve these goals and others is by offering downloadable content. When you have PDFs available for download, customers will become more familiar with your brand, will interact with the website more, and will have the information they need to purchase a product or service with confidence, thereby increasing their sense of satisfaction. This then provides a ripple-effect of benefits for you, the information provider.

PDFs can be used in a number of different ways and can be a valuable addition to any website.

Types Of Information To Make Downloadable

It’s possible to create many types of useful PDFs, depending on what your visitors may be looking for or are interested in. PDF is just the format the information is provided in. It’s easily downloadable and ensures consistency no matter the device, operating system, or other technical factors.

Catalogs, brochures, and price lists are commonly put into PDF format so they can be downloaded. Depending on the company, other options can include white-papers, manuals, or how-to guides for the products being sold.

It’s also possible to create short and informative eBooks, which are a great way to drum-up interest in products or give customers the information they will find of high value or use. This reflects very well on you as a source for their needs and interests.

Most websites will benefit from multiple downloadable PDFs instead of just one. Each product being sold, for instance, can have a downloadable brochure or how-to guide that gives the visitor more information on what it is and how it works.

Manuals for products can be uploaded and put on the product page, so customers can get answers to questions they might have before or after their purchase.

A catalog can be added to the main page to give customers the chance to browse products offline. A white-paper, user guide, or manual can be added to the same website to provide more targeted, focused information on the benefits and workings of an individual product or service.

Multiple, properly categorized PDFs provide more of an opportunity for branding as well as conversion and increased user engagement.

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