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Love Shayari

When I think about Shayari, I really get amazed because in 3–4 lines, a Love Shayari tries his/her best to convey what the reader might be thinking in a particular situation, well usually it's about “heartbreaks” but yeah ok :)

This Sher written by The Legend Mirza Ghalib is one of my favourites :-

Qasid ke aate aate khat ek aur likh rakhu

Main janta hu jo wo likhenge jawab me

Kab se hu kya bataun jahane kharab me

Sab haye hizar ko bhi rakhu agar hisab me

Mujh tak kab unki bazm me aata tha daure jan

saki ne kuch mila na diya ho sharab me

Ta fir na intzar me nind aaye umar bhar

Aane ka ahad kar gaye aaye jo khwab me

Ghalib chhuti sharab par ab bhi kabhi kabhi

Peeta hoon roz-e-abr-o-shab-e-maahtaab mein.


Till the time the messenger arrives, may I write one more letter.

For I know pretty well; what she may write in answer.

I know not since how long I am in this bad world.

If I am to keep the nights of separation in my memoir.

How long in her party may I have been served liqour!

The bartender may have mixed something in my tumbler.

Since then, I couldn't sleep for the rest of my life.

For a promise to visit me she made in my nightmare.

The habit of drinking is now no more.

Yet in cloudy days and moonlit nights, I do drink liquor.

I am a teetotaler and will remain one for the rest of my life, so I try to get into the essence of this Love Shayari l, which is about getting unconsciousness and lost in love for someone.

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